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Watch this video and more on L.A.DANCE PROJECT

Watch this video and more on L.A.DANCE PROJECT

Learn the Dance 6 with Mario Gonzalez



  • Michelle Pesce | Part 19 | Mindful Ea...

    This segment is a focus on healthy practices that lead to healthier and less anxious relationship to food. Michelle explains the difference between the terms mindful eating vs. intuitive eating and how you can implement these practices into your everyday life.

  • Intermediate | Full Body Workout 2 wi...

    ID: FVS109

  • Mythili Prakash | Part 1

    This class with dancer/choreographer Mythili Prakash, explores the basics of Bharata Natyam - a classical dance style originating in Tamil Nadu, India. The two main components of the form "Nritta" (movement) and "Abhinaya" (expression) are introduced, the former through a series of rhythmic movem...